A Comparative Study of the Problem of Evil with an Emphasis on Swinburne's Divine Justice and John Hick's Theory of Soul Development


  • Abdullah HosseiniEskandian Research Scholar, University of Tabriz
  • Masoumeh Rajabnezhadian Research Scholar, Farhangian University, Iran


The issue of evil is one of the most important philosophical and theological issues that has always been debated by various thinkers over the centuries.Swinburne and John Hick are Christian thinkers who have tried to explain the evil problem in the light of the Christian and philosophical teachings of the West.According to Swinburne, evil is the absence of perfection and goodness in an object and is realized in a minimal sense in the world of creation. John Hick also considers evil a necessity of the good world and has defined it as an example.The importance of the issue of evil and its study in the intellectual system of Swinburne and John Hick as contemporary philosophers of Christianity and expressing their similarities and differences in explaining the solution of the problem of evil despite the doctrinal and intellectual similarity is something that can help us with their explanations about familiarize the villain problem solver.In this article, by using descriptive-analytical method and using reliable sources and necessary analyzes,Swinburne and John Hick's thoughts about the nature of evil, types of evil, solutions to its problem and their answers to this problem were examined. Swinburne and Hick do not see the existence of evil in contradiction with the divine existence and the adherent of His attributes, and they believe that many good deeds can be achieved in the presence of evil.

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Masoumeh Rajabnezhadian , Research Scholar, Farhangian University, Iran

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