Human Welfare and Exalted Mandate of Quran in Perspective of Contemporary Global Trends and Powers


  • Dr. Muhammad Tariq Ramzan Associate Professor, Department of Islamic Studies, UOL Sargodha Campus
  • Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Hussain Head of Department/Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic studies The University of Lahore/Sargodha Campus


Humanity, Welfare, Quran, Global, Institutions, Debt, Monitory, Tariff


This paper deals human welfare concept of Quran associated with contemporary modern trends of human welfare at global level. This is implicated study of Quranic human welfare concept and narrative of contemporary global institutions founded on human welfare basis. Human welfare concept is the most cardinal and vital aspect of Islamic teachings which is deep routed to Quran. Its stance, structure and function can be vividly envisaged in perspective of several verses of Quran. According to it, human being is honored as vicegerent of Allah in this ephemeral world. His living & civic rights and obligations are imperatively mandatory at individual, social, national and global level. The Quranic theory of human welfare was implemented by Prophet Muhammad at all levels and resultantly, an advance state based on human welfare concept at global level, came into existence. According to it, everyone is responsible according to his potential to maintain human welfare. About the disastrous end of Second World War, Human welfare concept at global level was direly sensed. So contemporary global powers sit together in Bretton Wood (American State) to prevent future generations from imminent threat of war. The emerged solution of this meeting on which the consensus of all the participants established, was human welfare. To ensure human welfare at global level, three standards respectively: Balance of payment, trade deficit and debt position, were settled. To monitor these three standards, three institutions: IMF (Internal Monitory Fund), IBRD (International Bank of Reconstruction and Development) and GATT (General Agreement of Trade & Tariff) were established. The purpose and hallmark of these institutions was to assist human resource index for welfare of humanity. This targeted move was a paradigm shift of power from military to economy for rescue of humanity at global level.




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